To be completely honest. 

We don’t exactly Know that this Isn’t the case?

Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.

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How do you feel about Gotham?

FULL DISCLOSURE (I feel like I’m saying this over and over again, but it needs to be said): I know close to nothing about the DC universe. I never read the comics, I never loved Batman on Superman, before Arrow came around I honestly didn’t care about DC at all.

That being said.

It was okay. It was the pilot, and pilots are usually bad in comparison to the rest of the show, so I’m waiting for something better than this in the future. 

It looked very good. I absolutely loved how they portrayed Gotham, the city itself. It’s sick, and dark, and absolutely amazing. The cinematography and sets and stuffs were also pretty good. 

I acknowledged the DC characters. The ones I recognized, at least, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Penguin and Riddler. And, of course, Batman. They were pretty awesome. I want to know more about them. So that means they did it good, right? If they peaked my interest?

I kinda fell in love with Penguin. … But that might just more of a ME problem, heh.

Gordon seems cool. I’m still struggling to NOT see him as the guy from OC. But I guess I’m gonna like him once I get over that.

So, over all, yeah, cool, very cool, has potential. I’m hoping it gets better (cause, again, pilots are usually bad. shows usually tend to get better. arrow did.). 

Beyond that, I only have on bad thing to say: I really hope this isn’t just a detective show. Cause that’s how it feels right now. Like, every episode we’ll have a case and they’ll try to solve it, and there will be the one big unsolvable case that will run throughout all the season (who killed the Waynes, I guess? we know that he doesn’t ever solve that). And I don’t think it’s gonna be very good if they do that. 

… So yeah. That’s what I think about Gotham. It’s basically meh. Like I usually am at most Batman stuff. *shrugs*

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You are sinceriously one of my favorite people here on Tumblr. And your fics! Damn! Every time I see a Pink on Green update I light up like a little kid on Christmas morning. Don't ever stop being awesome, okay, hun? Love you! xo


I saw The Maze Runner. Again. I still loved it the second time around too. I noticed more things than the first time. Still. so cool.

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Hello, beautiful person! I know I haven't commented on any latest fics of yours and I'm so sorry for that because you Pink on Green series are so awesome I can't even! It's impossible even to!! No, but seriously?! 79 filled prompts! It's kind of crazy and so amazing at the same time! And I feel so proud I was one when you just started this thing, because when I'm said I always reread chapter 6 and some other from the list because every one of them is brilliant! Please, never ever stop! Love ya!


I’m at 78 (cause the first chapter was just a cover). And I have prompts and ideas to pass 100. It’s amazing and overwhelming and so so so so awesome.

Thank you so much, for sticking with me from the beginning. It means the world and it’s because of you guys, who keep reading it, and liking it and giving me attention because of it (^.^), that’s why I’m still at it. And I’ll keep going at it! 

I’m not gonna stop at chapter 100. Promise :)

So thank you very very very much, hugs and kisses.

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