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Watching yourself ripped to shreds

 #the longer you watch this #the more you want to find the closest cliff

/sets self on fire

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Happy boys.

May the 2nd, 2012.

  • Cumberbitches are terrified because their lord knows everything, from the porn to the dragon with the scarf.
  • Everybody’s been LOKI’D. 
  • The battle of Hogwarts.
  • Sam Wincester’s birthday.
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Sam is a bad person, he drank demon bl—

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Rewatch: Favorite Episodes. Supernatural, 5x22 - Swan Song

Endings are hard. Endings are impossible. You try to tie up every loose end, but you never can.

The men of the Apocalypse. And the thing that stopped it. A 67 Impala. 

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